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#SmartCities Hack Winner Showcase: Team Carbon Neutral #6

This is the first in a six-part series which will showcase the projects built by the Top 6 teams of the #SmartCities Hackathon. The Smart Cities hack was a two event hackathon organized by Hackmakers dedicated to finding innovative solutions to generate more awareness, stronger communications and quicker responses for tomorrow’s smart cities.

​Team Carbon Neutral


Danylo Liakhovetskyi, Harnoor Singh, Muhammad Asif, Illia Krantovskyi, Moses Enyinnaya, Pushkar Mungikar, Shaheer Khan

​Team Carbon Neutral created an app called TRFFC, which addresses the third challenge of the #SmartCities Hackathon - Smart Transportation. TRFFC recommends the ‘greenest’ and the most time efficient commute route to its users. The team ranked #6 among all the participants in the hackathon.


Challenge Addressed

Smart Transportation

A functioning transportation and logistics system, with the right accompanying infrastructure, is the backbone of a strong economy. The Smart Transportation Challenge category can cover solutions that help megacities help manage their public and private sector mobility more effectively.


Problem Statement

Commuters might not have a good idea when it comes to traveling in a

  • Time efficient commute

  • Socially responsible commute

Apart from this, traveling in congested traffic negatively impacts the global carbon footprint. A major example of this is the drastic increase in the number of car users from 2013 to 2019.



To create a solution to save people’s time while both rewarding them with positive social behavior for choosing the commute method that has a lower carbon footprint.



The TRFFC app will provide users with different options to commute – Lower CO2 Impact, High Calorie-Burn Route, etc., all this while taking in consideration other users’ choices so as to avoid congestion on every other route.

TRFFC is the first ever application that would reward people who complete the socially responsible commute with tokens.


Featured Highlights

  • TRFFC app is the first in the world which empowers users to commute in a socially responsible way and in return, reward them with tokens

  • It aims to reduce the global carbon footprint while promoting social responsible commute to its users

  • TRFFC is a cloud-based mobile application

  • Users gain incentives through discounts and deals with the partners

  • The application draws its revenue from a subscription model


What does the Application do?

  • Users sign up and they choose they their destination where they want to go

  • Users then have to choose the further variables like transport type and recommended trip

  • If the user start on this trip and complete it, they get rewarded with some tokens

  • The platform provides world class security to bring peace of mind to all commuters

  • The estimated market size for TRFFC is 107 million users and $8 billion revenue per year

  • The platform uses a mobile based APEX application that clings with Oracle database


Revenue Streams

TRFFC app draws its revenue from a subscription model from its users.

  • 20% of the company’s turnover is allocated for tokenizing the app for users and revenue eventually, further having a positive impact on society

The token rewards are partnered with retailers, financial institutions and public transport services.

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