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#SmartCities Hack Winner Showcase: Team Dream Green #5

This is the second in a six-part series which will showcase the projects built by the Top 6 teams of the #SmartCities Hackathon. The Smart Cities hack was a two event hackathon organized by Hackmakers dedicated to finding innovative solutions to generate more awareness, stronger communications and quicker responses for tomorrow’s smart cities.

​Team Dream Green


Mihir Rambhia, Jainy Shah

​Team Dream Green has come up with a solution called Smart Citizen, to bridge the gap between the city administration and its citizens, and make the complaint redressal process quick, convenient and hassle free. The team ranked #5 among all the participants in the hackathon.


Challenge Addressed

Smart Administration

Citizens’ are increasingly expecting higher quality services and responses to their needs; be it smarter governance, intelligent mobility or an overall safer city to live. The Smart Administration Challenge category can cover solutions that help cities manage public administration issues.


Problem Statement

To address the problems associated with the administration of the city, the usual process goes on as to file a complaint by going to the city administration office or writing a mail to the same (which is more convenient).

Usually due to the bureaucratic administration, those complaints go unanswered and eventually, the citizens are tired of writing complaints, filling up the feedback forms or calling up on the helplines. Worst of all, sometimes citizens don’t have an idea if there is anyone addressing those issues or not.



What gives Team Dream Green hope in this project are listed in the points below:

  • High Availability of Affordable Smartphones

  • Falling Internet Data Rates

  • Advanced Technologies like Data Analytics and Blockchain, and most importantly

  • Pro-Active Citizens, who want to improve their cities and how things work there



Smart Citizen is a QR code based complaint redressal system for the smart administration of cities.

Now each city has several assets such as schools, hospitals, train stations, etc. These assets need to be registered on the Smart Citizen Admin Portal which would generate a unique QR code for each of the assets.

When a citizen would want to provide a feedback for that asset or file a complaint for the same, they would need to scan the QR code using the Smart Citizen website or App.

The Smart Citizen App comes with an amazing dashboard designed to serve city administration keeping the privacy of citizens in mind.


Featured Highlights

  • Registration of Public assets on the Admin Portal

  • Unique QR Processing technology

  • Considering people’s feedback and opinion on various public assets provided by the city administration

  • User Friendly Admin and Citizen Portal

  • Use of variety of technologies and adequate database

  • Real Time Data Monitoring Dashboards: Assets Dashboard & Feedback Dashboard

  • Taking in consideration the Privacy Factor while real time monitoring of certain assets

  • Future Visions: Implementation of a login portal for admins and citizens, Implementation of blockchain technology into the system


What does the Application do?

  • Each city has several assets such as schools, hospitals, train stations, etc. These assets would need to be registered on the Smart Citizen Admin Portal provided by the Smart Citizen platform along with the a manager who would be responsible for handling the queries

  • This would generate a unique QR code for each of the registered assets

  • The QR code would be placed outside the asset. Any citizen wanting to file a complaint or give a feedback or a suggestion for the asset, would have to scan the QR code using the Smart Citizen app or website and submit the form

  • The details would be collected in a feedback database and would be monitored on real-time basis

  • Two real-time data monitoring dashboards would be developed to visualize all the connected data points

    • Assets Dashboard: Over here we can visualize all the assets registered on the Smart Citizen Admin portal

    • Feedback Dashboard: Where we can visualize real-time inputs on an asset by citizens. The UID (Unique Identity) of the citizen would be hidden in order to maintain the citizens’ privacy


Tools Used

  • Python – Programming

  • Webapp – Flask

  • Libraries – Pandas, Numpy, qrcode

  • Database – PostgreSQL

  • Hosting – Heroku

  • Data Visualization – Tableau

  • Datasets – Community Clubs, CHAS Clinics ref.


Future Vision

  • Create a login portal for users and administrators to keep track of all the submitted complaints

  • Add blockchain capabilities to the system to further reduce the possibilities of misconduct

What did you think of this project? Do share your thoughts and ideas with us on Hackmakers LinkedIn Page.

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