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#SmartCities Hack Winner Showcase: Team Sheldonopolis #4

This is the third in a six-part series which will showcase the projects built by the Top 6 teams of the #SmartCities Hackathon. The Smart Cities hack was a two event hackathon organized by Hackmakers dedicated to finding innovative solutions to generate more awareness, stronger communications and quicker responses for tomorrow’s smart cities.

​Team Sheldonopolis


Yamini Harikrishnan, Jesse Sravya, Anshuman Yashodhar Rangaraj, Chitrak Banerjee, Durga Prasad, Anirban Dutta, Onisodumeya Hamilton

​Team Sheldonopolis has come up with the Guardian App that focuses on customers’ safety from crime and accidental injury. The team ranked #4 among all the participants in the hackathon


Hackathon Challenges

Safe Cities

Safe Cities requires an understanding of the need for security to evolve from a reactive to a proactive approach, with integrated response. The Safe Cities Challenge category can cover solutions that help cities to manage public security issues as a city population and urbanization grows.


Problem Statement

Security and safety are major challenges for a government and its citizens.

Some of the major problems which Team Sheldonopolis are trying to address with the Guardian App are:

  1. Usage of data for better solutions and understanding

  2. Proactive approach for criminal offenses

  3. Existing digital assistants are expensive and not easy to use by all

  4. An increase of 12.9% in crime rate since 2018-2020 globally

  5. An increase of 28% in accidental injuries since 2016-2018, due to failing to proper lookout



Team Sheldonopolis came up with a fantastic solution in order to leverage data to proactively minimize criminal offenses by using affordable digital assistance.

The Guardian gadget is an IoT enabled technology that can be used as a wearable and operated by a small communication device such as a mobile phone. In case of any unexpected foot tapping pattern, an alert message is triggered from the app and an SOS is sent to the relatives or the emergency services.

Alerts from this app also make citizens aware by cautioning them if they’re entering a high crime alert zone.


Who is this Application for?

The Guardian App focuses on:

  1. Healthcare Professionals – These are the people who have the responsibility to inform people of the truth about their health

  2. Individuals and Families – These are the people who want to be vigilant and protective from assaults and crimes

  3. Victims in Accidents & Injuries – These are the people whose major source of communication about their experience is through the app


What does the Application do?

  • The Guardian SOS App is an IoT enabled App that can easily fit into one’s footwear and can be operated via a mobile app

  • In case of any unexpected danger or a medical emergency, the user can choose to trigger an alert message to family or to emergency services.

  • These can be triggered simply by setting a simple foot tapping pattern of your choice. If the alert is accidentally triggered, the user always has the option to terminate the alert

  • The generated QR code retrieves the medical details of the accident victim, providing them the right care according to their medical history and sending an SOS to the victim’s acquaintances


Featured Highlights

  • IoT enabled technology that can easily work as a wearable

  • Detects foot tapping pattern of the user and triggers an alert as soon as it senses unusual pattern

  • Generates QR of the accident victim, providing the medical record as well as SOS details of the victim

  • Prototype costs only $25

  • Sends data to city officials to help make policy and key decisions in city security measures



Cost Structure

Revenue Streams

The R&D Prototype Cost is $25

Product Sales

Development & Expansion

Guardian App Downloads


Advertisement in App


Merchandising Product if App gains Popularity

Customer Support

IoT Equipment

Tech Platform Costs

Acquisition Costs

Marketing Costs


Future Vision

  • Customized wearable with more fashionable out casting

  • More emergency response services – eg. fire alarms, house robberies, etc.

  • Hospital/Medical services – locating and allocating nearest hospital

  • More types of tap patterns defining different categories of crimes or emergency situations

  • Calling feature, video and audio recording for accessing the emergency situation

  • Sensors on the car – the moment there’s an accident, an SOS will be sent for medical help

  • Can customize device name, power saver mode, check remaining battery life, to know vibration level at any given location especially high rise buildings, construction sites with numerous moving machines


How is the Guardian Application different?

  • Easy to use and user friendly to empower for civic engagement and problem solving for safe cities

  • Cost effective and economical at $25 only

  • Global data reporting to city officials to help make policy and key decisions in city security measures

  • A proactive response and timely citizen services can help prevent violence and ensure the citizens’ safety

What did you think of this project? Do share your thoughts and ideas with us on Hackmakers LinkedIn Page.

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