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The Five-Day Rundown for Hackmakers at Polygon Connect, ETH India & Demo Day!

India is now the front door for the future of blockchain development and acceptance”

This year's Blockchain Week 2022 brought together eminent blockchain Innovators, business owners, investors, regulators, and policymakers from all around the world. The event provided a forum for exploring the most recent advancements in blockchain technology and its uses.

Polygon Connect India and the Web3: Made in India roadshow completed their final leg. A potential to look into the future arises as we consider our voyage, the connections we made, and the knowledge we captured.

Upon this cusp of ETHIndia, Polygon Connect is the perfect opportunity in Polygon's tour of the subcontinent to celebrate the programmers, creators, and entrepreneurs who have made Web3 possible.

A hackathon, keynote addresses, panel discussions, seminars, and an exhibition of cutting-edge companies' blockchain-based solutions were all part of this event. More than 1500 people from the blockchain business, the public sector, and academics have been attending the event.

The ETH India Kickoff

What happens when 2000+ developers join together with 45 Partner Teams for a 72-hour hackathon in Bengaluru? - Pure magic!

Excitement was in the air when we were in Bengaluru. This was not only one of our largest events, it seemed like a true turning moment for our ecosystem.

The developer-focused nature of ETHIndia has provided attendees with a unique chance to exhibit their expertise and innovation within the web3 ecosystem.


🙋‍♂️ 2000 Attendees

🐣 44% New to Web3

🏢 321 Cities Represented

🛠 284 Projects Submitted

👯 45 Ecosystem Partners

💸 $350,000+ in Prizes

🚀 459 Projects

🏆 12 Finalists

To expose hackers to the cutting edge of web3, the first day of the event was jam-packed with hours of workshops. Large crowds were drawn to industry experts' talks, which sparked lively discussions about how to develop and test new ideas in the venue's hallways.

3 Fun-filled days of ETH India

Throughout the weekend, tech mentors were always on hand to answer countless questions on just about any topic imaginable. These technical mentors played a crucial role in helping hackers of all skill sets, and their support enabled teams to advance their projects to new heights.

While the majority of our hackers were buried in work, others had the opportunity to unwind by participating in one of our many ETHIndia events. The surroundings were filled with joy and laughter, and for many, these events were a delightful shift of pace after an intense weekend.

Countdown to Submission

ETH India was a bang, with intense competition and impressive demos by the participants.

Builders showed no signs of stopping, working tirelessly on their projects. Throughout the day, meals and snacks were provided to ensure that the builders were well-fuelled for the challenge ahead.

Main Judging

As the clock finally began to count down to the submission deadline, a rush of anxiety and anticipation raced through the venue. Teams pushed their limits by working with the cutting edge of the field in just 36 hours, and they enhanced our ecosystem as an outcome of their dedication and effort.

Building successful projects over a weekend is no easy endeavor!

Each of these 459 teams joined the thousands of promising primitives that took flight at ETH Global hackathons, delivering a peek of what's to come for our ecosystem.

Sponsors and judges evaluated the projects and selected 12 teams to represent the most promising builds to come out of ETHIndia.

The ETH India Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony commenced, featuring demos by the finalists and the announcement of the winners. The 450+ projects that were submitted to ETH India addressed a wide spectrum of issues that need to be solved in the Web3 ecosystem.

The rapid expansion of the Web3 building ecosystem in India was one of ETH India's most striking features. Web3 was a new platform for 44% of the hackers at the hackathon, demonstrating the rising popularity of this technology among college students and beginners.

Polygon Demo Day!

Post ETH India 2022, Polygon has also hosted an exclusive, application-based demo day in Bengaluru, with their partners.

This was an excellent opportunity for Hackmakers on the cutting edge of innovation to pitch to a captive audience of over 50+ top global VCs, and 100+ angel investors, along with Village Wonders. This partnership undoubtedly opened the door to the best ecosystem support, thought-provoking sessions, and networking possibilities.

It has been an absolute delight to join and participate in Polygon's Made in India tour!

ETH India 2023 is where we hope to see you all once more.

Stay tuned for more updates with the Hackmakers community!

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