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Winner Testimonials​

See what some of our winners from the #DigitalDefence Hack of 2020 had to say about their experience

The #DigitalDefence Hack 2020 had 4000+ participants and saw solutions to APAC’s most pressing cybersecurity problems.

Talking to our participants

What was the most memorable part of the Hackathon?

  • William Tin: The relationship and dynamic we shared with the mentors who were accessible and eager to help

  • Nauman Akram: Collaborating with the team across the timezones. The experience was full of nervous excitement.

  • Ayaz Mujawar: Engaging with a community of people(Team members, mentors and organizers) with diverse backgrounds, skill sets and ideas.

What factors, if any, do you think made your team a winning team?

  • Tarek Chaalan: There were multiple contributing factors. The first was ensuring diversity in members while creating the team. The second was the efficient collaboration between the members. The third was choosing a challenge that we were motivated to explore and would learn from. Lastly, the mentors support and guidance!

  • Khai Fahmi Zaki: The most important factor is the commitment of time and effort we all made to the competition. We were different in terms of the tools we used, and how we dug deeper into problems - our way of communicating the observations was efficient.

  • Arya Anghan: Great leadership from our team captain!

All great ideas need not be born at round tables or business conferences, Hackathons are a great place to come across some out of the world innovative ideas. This really helped me understand that simple ideas, when built up well can be effective too! - Revathy Sivaraman, Team Dine Detect

Before this hackathon, I was anxious about joining competitions, but #DigitalDefence helped me gain confidence to participate more often - Arya Anghan, Team Tardis

Is there anything that you can do now, that you couldn’t before the Hackathon?

  • Andleeb Raja: Improved communication skills & experience of working with a team

  • Joey Yuen: Data Visualization with Oracle Cloud!

  • Rabi Siddique: I know to train machine learning models better. I’ve found practices that would help increase the accuracy of the models

  • Szabolcs (Szasza) Palmer: – Absolutely. The hackathon was a great opportunity to get hands-on experience both with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and with IBM X-Force Exchange (XFE). I doubt that I would have had the opportunity to learn about these technologies through the implementation of an actual project anytime soon in any other way.

More Insights

​Majority of Hackathon participants said their primary takeaway was the “Learning” aspect. #DigitalDefence was a cybersecurity themed hackathon – participants walked away with knowledge on the field internationally, latest advancements in software from leaders like Oracle & IBM, enriching conversations with peers and mentors.

More than half our winners credited their success to a diverse and efficient team. #DigitalDefence saw teams created with diverse participants from different backgrounds, skill sets and timezones.

Almost all our winning participants thought that #DigitalDefence brought clarity and direction to their career paths.

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