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#WorldInnovationDay Hack 2021Winner Showcase: Team Edu-FX #4

This is the third in a six-part series which will showcase the projects built by the Top 6 teams of the #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon. This was the biggest hackathon by Hackmakers in collaboration with the UN Environmental Programme, dedicated to developing innovative and creative solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN.



Yamini Harikrishnan, Anshuman Yashodhar Rangaraj, Chitrak Banerjee, Durga Prasad, Deepika Nanduri, Radika Kumar, Razali Samsudin, Sweety Seela, Yashad Samant

Team Edu-FX Team Edu-Fx has created ‘Eco Action’, a place where we can find actionable solutions to environmental problems with its inbuilt search bar. The team ranked #4 among all the participants in the World Innovation Day Hackathon 2021.


Challenge Addressed

Quality Education - Sustainable Development Goal 4

The Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. The SDG 4 aims to provide children and young people with quality and easily accessible education along with other learning opportunities, with one of the targets being to achieve universal literacy and numeracy.


Problem Statement

The waste created by the industries that are eventually dumped into our environment resulting in polluted air, water and land, which becomes quite unsustainable as a surrounding to thrive in.

The solutions that are already there with us to overcome this catastrophe, are they taking up too much of our time and resources?



The solutions that are there with us or are already in place, might be taking too much time or resources to get them working. For example, using an alternative energy source instead of gas might be easy to think of but expensive to create.

For this, we need an innovative search system that would look for solutions based on certain criterions applicable to our problem statement.



Eco Action is a search engine that would help users find solutions to environmental problems with its inbuilt innovative search bar. Eco Action provides us with a range of solutions based on the nature of our problem, location and existing successful solutions in the Eco Action database.

Eco Action brings about three key benefits :

  • Empowering Civic Engagement and Problem Solving

  • Empowering to Act Upon Injustice and hold Relevant Stakeholders Accountable

  • Upskilling to become Change Agents


Featured Highlights

  • An Innovative Search Engine which helps in Finding Solutions to Environmental Issues based on Specific Criterions

  • Providing an Easy to Fill Form to Suggest the Nature of the Problem

  • Successful Solutions provided to the Problem from a Database maintained and managed by the Website

  • Users and Supporters of the Application benefit each other and also the ecosystems of much larger organizations, i.e. NGOs, Government Agencies and Media Outlets

  • Users are also Rewarded for their Work and Support across all the Sectors


What does the Application do?

  • Use the Eco Action Search Bar to find out innovative solutions to environmental problems

  • Fill out a quick and easy to fill form with the details of the environmental problem

  • The application also guarantees the user a sense of anonymity if required

  • Once the form is filled up, we’ll get suggested solutions for our problems based on the nature and location of the problem. The search engine digs out existing successful solutions from the Eco Action Database

  • Key supporters of the application benefits the ecosystems of

  • NGOs : Widening network and supporter/ donor base

  • Government Agencies : Using the data on environmental abuses to adjust and guide targeted action and investments, wherever needed

  • Media Outlets : Helps connect with citizen journalists on the ground including those in the hard to reach areas

  • Users can receive rewards invested by supporters across all sectors. These awards can range from gifts, vouchers and acclaims


How is Eco Action Different from its Competitors?

FApps and Websites in the field of work do exist, but how is Eco Action different from them?

Well for starters,

  • Competitors do provide results, but those websites provide solutions that simply not viable enough for users to use (they are either hard to use or sometimes there’s no solution at all)

  • Eco Action is easy to use and it gives users access to a global network of solutions

Solutions are already being implemented by change agents globally. With Eco Action, the team hopes to bring together people and solutions.

People can learn about the innovative solutions being implemented worldwide, which can also help solve their problems.



Cost Structure

  • Development and Expansion

  • Payroll

  • Contractors

  • Infrastructure

  • Legal

  • Customer Support

  • Online Platform Costs

  • Marketing and Advertising Costs

  • Traffic Acquisition Costs

  • Research & Development Costs

Revenue Streams

  • Advertisements

  • Freemium Business Model : Secondary Revenue Channel (NGOs, Advertisements, CSR Activities, Non-Profits/ Foundations


What do you think of this project? Do share your thoughts and ideas with us on Hackmakers LinkedIn Page.

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