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Wrapping up Smartcities Hackathon 2021

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Every year Hackmakers organises the Smartcities Hackathon to find innovative solutions to generate more awareness, stronger communications and quicker responses for tomorrow's smart cities.

Urbanization, globalization, climate change, demographic change are all public pressures on people's quality of life, safety and security. This has put numerous city authorities in a challenging position to tackle problems relating to these topics. The Smartcities Hackathon was born out of a desire to address these, challenging our partners and developers to seek new ways to connect, alongside improved insights that foster a better environment and develop smarter and safer cities.

This year we partnered with Oracle, Slack, NSW Government, University of Sydney Incubate, BPB and Packt as our major sponsors.

The hackathon revolved around the following topics:

  • Smart Administration

  • Safe Cities

  • Smart Transportation

This year there were more than 2000+ participants and 200+ and industry professionals coming from more than 80 countries. Together, they formed over 100+ teams.

The hackathon was supported by globally celebrated panelists, speakers, judges and mentors including:

  • Craig Chung- Councillor at City of Sydney

  • Ian Oppermann- Chief Data Scientist, NSW Government

  • Scott Newman- Senior Director, Cloud Engineering Team, Oracle ANZ

  • Hon. Victor Dominello- Minister of Digital, NSW Government

  • Dr. Rama Kamaraju- Senior Consultant, NITI Aayog

  • Chee Kean Lim- CEO, Ascent Solutions

  • Horng Shya Chua- Managing Director, Oracle Singapore

  • Yudhistira Nugraha- Director at Jakarta Smart City

  • Aylwin Tan- Chief Customer Solutions Officer at CapitaLand

  • Saeed Tasbhisazan- Chief Technology Officer, Telstra

  • Steve Nouri- Head of Data Science and AI, Australian Computer Society

  • Dr. Supakorn Siddichai- Executive Vice President, DEPA Thailand

  • Simon Hunter- Executive Director, NSW Planning, Industry & Environment

  • Eng Koon Goh- Senior Regional Director, Oracle APAC

  • Robert Linsdell- Managing Director ANZ, Vertiv

  • Han Chung Heng- Senior Vice President, Oracle JAPAC

  • Pratap Padode- Managing Director, Smart Cities Council of India

  • Ursula Silling- Chief Executive Officer, XXL Solutions

  • Pamela Gupta- Founding Member, IoT Security Foundation

The opening ceremony for Event 1 was broadcasted live on 5th March 2021 on

The opening ceremony for Event 2 was broadcasted live on 4th June 2021 on

After weeks of judging hundreds of innovative and creative solutions, our judges have finally come up with the best solutions presented in the hackathon. And the winners of the hackathons are:

Honourable Mentions

  • Team Rapidites

Members: Karthikeyan S, Geetha Devi, Srinivas GV, Sooraj G, Nithin Sebastian, Dipin Manmadhan, John Nevil, Vyshant Kurup

Mentored by: Navpreet Bhatti Makhija

Solution: A people-friendly IoT based chat-bot using Facebook which helps in multiple aspects.

  • Team MyWay

Members: Luc Jonveaux, Rutger Meester, Sébastien Mellot, Amaury Salles, Thierry Cadoum, Fabien Blanchais, Anna Moskvitina, Owen Flanagan, Mariano Amoedo Mendoza

Mentored by: Maria Mingallon, Jyotirmaya Patro, Aine Martin, Himanshu Joshi, Brendon Baker, Jason Lowe

Solution: MyWay is an active safety digital assistant that can prevent involuntary exposure to safety risks, improving city users’ safety and wellbeing by inciting travelers to go for leisure walks throughout the area. By providing a route that is focused on the perceptions of the individual, MyWay makes sure to find the surroundings that make you have a convenient and comfortable walking trip. This gives users’ the opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of their trip: a pleasant, convenient and safe stroll around the city.

  • Team Citisafe

Members: imberly Wright, Joe L., Woody Hooten, Mari Takashima, Danielle Alice, Desanges Aucéane THIAM MÉKÀ de GOGUENHEIM, Andy Nguyen, Bhuvaneswari Sivaramakrishnan, Yash Gondhalekar, Muhammad Hamza, Vivek Kumar

Mentored by: Himanshu Joshi, Jyotirmaya Patro, Saif Haque, Riyaz Ahamed, Pratyush Mayank, S M Jahangir Alam, Mahesh Gurav, Jae Shin, Jason Lowe

Solution: CitiSafe is a cloud-based intelligence platform provider, we provide solutions specifically to enable individuals living in the smart cities and particularly the silent victims to join the communities and transform from bystanders to upstanders. This act of goodness, together with our leveraging the leading high-performance cloud & edge computing power in collaboration with Oracle, government agencies and law enforcement agencies, will build and maintain a safe neighborhood within smart cities and beyond.

Bronze Medal Finalists

  • Team Carbon Neutral - TRFFC App

Members: Danylo Liakhovetskyi (Team Rep.), Harnoor Singh, Mohammad Asif, Illia Krantovskyi, Moses Enyinnaya, Pushkar Mungikar, Shaheer Khan

Mentors: Saif Haque, Himanshu Joshi, Ashwini Kumar, Navpreet Bhatti Makhija, Alistair Hofert, Hua Jiang, Joanne Chua, Jason Lowe

Solution: They tokenize and reward users who commute in a socially-responsible manner.

  • Team Dream Green

Members: Mihir Rambhia (Team Rep.), Jainy Shah

Solution: They designed the Clever Drone application, which will allow customers to deliver their products or packages using our smart delivery application. The Clever Drone application will allow individuals to order a delivery and also connect with companies to deliver their products, it will allow individuals to register to deliver packages with their personal Drones that can be purchased from them. Customers can track their delivery through the application to ensure a secure and safe delivery.

  • Team Sheldonopolis

Members: Yamini Harikrishnan (Team Rep.), Jesse Sravya, Anshuman Yashodhar Rangaraj, Chitrak Banerjee, Durga Prasad, Anirban Dutta, Hamilton Onisodumeya

Mentors: Arijit Hajra, Himanshu Joshi, Riyaz Ahamed, Mahesh Gurav, Pratyush Mayank, Swee Aun TAN

Solution: Guardian with a simple foot pattern gesture like stamping/tapping is programmed to trigger an SOS alert message to your family and emergency respondents for their immediate attention and response to your safety. They can also identify criminals based on IOT data that can be integrated with local city cameras. Additionally, Guardian with privacy policy consent will keep a record of your medical history details and this Emedical card can be printed and can be kept in a handy place like your purse , stick it behind phone cover such that when scanned via a QR code it can serve as in today’s complicated health care environment as a key instrument used in planning, evaluating, and coordinating patient care when you are in an accident situation by scanning this QR code the content of the medical record information gives your doctor all kinds of important clues for emergency treatment and can save time and lives.

Silver Medal Finalists


Members: Junghee Han (Team Rep.), Hunter Shin, Yubaeg Ji, Daihyun Ha, Euijun Jeong

Mentor: Jae Shin

Solution: Data collected by real-time air quality sensor device (AirFEEL) is streaming mass data created by the second. To handle this big data, we choose Oracle ADW which is a fully managed database that is tuned and optimized for data warehouse workloads. To analyze data efficiently and visualize numerical values, we choose OAC. It is important to use the cloud system to handle situations such as disease prevention and control where there is a sudden change in the demand for sensor devices. When data shows levels that exceed the threshold, the system could send an alarm to the user or operate an automatic ventilation system. This can efficiently contribute to COVID-19 prevention and prove the effectiveness of the smart city automatic healthcare system to citizens. This solution can be applied to any disease prevention scenario in the world and shows why we need Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Team Parkwhere

Members: Zachary Chua (Team Rep.), Aaron Yu, Lim Xuan Yu

Solution: This app displays carparks on the map with indicators of available lots and price, making finding a carpark space easier for its users. Instead of waiting for carpark spaces at an overly busy carpark, the user can just check the app and plan to park at a less busy carpark. This saves countless of hours over time and is a greener and more efficient solution for all. Data analytics is done to determine the busy periods of each carpark by taking the availability of carparks over time. A knowledge sharing mechanism allows users to update the information they think is correct and if other users agree and submit the same information, it is updated automatically.

Winners of the Smartcities Hack 2021

  • Team Torus

Members: Amir Kashapov (Team Rep.), Philip Zlatkovic, Abdulqader Atiya, Abdullah Khayat

Solution: The Torus Protocol proposes an optionally privacy-preserving, Turing-complete, scalable blockchain based on directed acyclic graphs that works in tandem with a portable hardware wallet in the form of a ring that requires biometric identifications via fingerprint to access its functionalities.

The Awards Ceremony was broadcasted live on 1st July 2021 on

A huge thanks to all the participants, mentors, ambassadors, sponsors and partners for being a crucial part of this hackathon, for providing both positive and constructive feedback and making this event a reality!

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