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Wrapping up World Innovation Day Hackathon 2023

Every year on April 21st, World Innovation and Creativity Day is observed to increase public awareness of the importance of creativity and innovation in all facets of human growth. In order to commemorate this occasion, Hackmakers have been working with reputable groups all over the world to host a number of international hackathons since 2021.

Hackmakers launched the UN World Innovation Day 2023 hackathon on April 21, 2023, with Oracle, Polygon, AI4 Diversity, Buzzy, The Commonwealth Agenda, and Unstoppable Domains as sponsors. Community and University partners from various nations participated in the SDG initiative, devoting their time and energy to spreading innovation and the SDGs and improving the globe as a whole.

The hackathon revolved around the following topics:



Just like the exciting innovation hackathons organized by Hackmakers, this year's event was a big hit! We had an amazing number of participants, with over 1300 people joining from more than 80 different countries forming a whopping 80 teams. Can you believe it? and the teams have now submitted their ideas for how to advance humanity and meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Hackmakers have identified the most effective solutions and inventive ideas from among the teams' stunning and creative submissions.

A Word For Our Sponsors

Last but not least, we at Hackmakers would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors for making the World Innovation Day hack 2023 a reality. The event and the unique solutions presented by our enthusiastic participants would undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In Collaboration with, The United Nations and our main sponsors

  • Oracle

  • Polygon

  • Buzzy

  • Unstoppable Domains,

  • The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda,

  • AI4Diversity,

Along with our University and community partners DHA Suffa University, UKZN, IEEE, Digital Transsimplified, Aspire for Her, ITIC Systems, Yirigaa, UNCB, NanotechX, MNS University of Agriculture, Moringa, Women in Big Data, , ITExperience, iCode Guru, Air University.

A big thanks to our Sponsors and Community Partners, without whom none of this would have been possible!

Guiding Innovation and Excellence through Participant & Mentor Inductions

The inductions of participants and mentors paved the basis for fruitful teamwork and knowledge exchange. The introduction sessions encouraged participants to create teams, exploiting the pooled abilities and knowledge of team members. It also allowed communication channels and forums for continuing conversations and idea-sharing.

The event format, regulations, and procedures were explained to us during the introduction, guaranteeing an equitable opportunity for every participant. Insights into the problem statements assist them to match their knowledge and abilities with the problems at hand.

It promoted mentorship, encouraged collaboration, and facilitated the sharing of information. We are grateful to all the Mentors for their insightful inductions, which provided the foundation for the quest for creative solutions and individual development.

As we wrap up,

A voyage of creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving has always been embarked by Hackmakers. We delve into the exciting world of hackathons and our participation in the UN World Innovation Day 2023 Hackathon event.

Stay tuned as we continue our pursuit of innovation for a brighter future!

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