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Web 3.0 & Me

A hackathon to empower individuals and society with the use of Web 3.0













Reasons to

Be a part of the Largest & Fastest Growing Community of Creators with us!


An all-inclusive hackathon is coming your way, bringing together the talented individuals in one location to address difficult issues.


Web 3.0 & Me can offer you the chance not just to win prizes and goody bags, but also to discuss your issue statements with experienced technology professionals.


Every mentor will closely examine your work, and they are excited to see what you can come up with!


So, put your machine learning and computer vision skills to the test, try new things, and gain knowledge in the process!

WID Workshop line up (1).png


Day 1 - Fri Nov 18, 2022

  • Opening Ceremony - The opening ceremony will be in the form of a live Discord Stream. We might even upload as a live stream?

  • “The Common Room” - A 24/7 discord channel where people can drop in. First of a series of meet and greets will happen in the common room.

  • Fun Prize 1

  • Team Formation - Using the HaaS product

  • Ideation

Day 2 - Sat Nov 19, 2022

  • Welcome to Day 2 - Announcements

  • “Common Room Drop In”

  • Build

  • Common Room Recap - End of day recap and community discussion

  • Fun Prize 2

Day 3 - Sun Nov 20, 2022

  • Welcome to Day 3 - Announcements

  • “Common Room Drop In”

  • Build / Demo Prep

  • Fun Prize 3

  • Submission?

  • Event Close

  • “Beers in the Common Room”



The Coding Challenge has reached another milestone in this incredible journey. Web 3.0 & Me is a one-of-a-kind hackathon that brings together the most skilled individuals to address challenging issues.


It will be hosted in one of the world's biggest developer communities. In this competition, participants will compete against each other, solving coding problems provided by our Mentors. There will be prizes available.

Untitled (118 × 157px) (1751 × 2301px).png

Social Web3

Conceive of ways people can connect and share in a web3 world.


Data Science / AI in Web3

What is the impact of web3 on Data Science and AI? What new possibilities can be created?

Untitled (118 × 157px) (1751 × 2301px) (1).png

NFTs for Me

What utility can be created to individuals through the use of NFTs?



  • T-shirts

  • NFTs

  • Badges


lots of other prizes


What Our Participants and Mentors Say

I had participated many international events earlier, but hackmakers works in different way to motivate participants, they are available instantly for help and direct any one who asked for help. I enjoyed event and networked with like minded developers.

Woody Allen

(United States)

Everything was perfect, but I think participant induction session can start earlier. This is so not to discourage the newbie’s and have a lot more submissions than now.

Mousa Yakoub Elsherif (Egypt)

Thanks for all your support during the UN World Innovation day hackathon !!! It was an exciting journey with lot of learnings. Special thanks to entire Oracle team and Hackmakers team for coordinating and guiding participants & teams to inspire them to think & build innovative ideas. Glad to be part of this Hackathon.

Gaurav Mähäna (India)



Hackmakers Discord_Software Guides

Guides for Participants & Team

Guides for Mentors

Challenge Statements

Template for Beginners

Hackathon FAQ Quick Guide

Hackathon  Tools One Page Cheatsheet

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