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“Hackmakers wraps up the UN World Innovation Day Hack 2023”

All the finalists as well as the honorable mentions and newcomers also won a suite of fantastic prizes worth over $7500.

Hackmakers launched the UN World Innovation Day 2023 hackathon on April 21, 2023, with Oracle, Polygon, AI4 Diversity, Buzzy, The Commonwealth Agenda, and Unstoppable Domains as sponsors. Community and University partners from various nations participated in the SDG initiative, devoting their time and energy to spreading innovation and the SDGs and improving the globe as a whole.

The hackathon revolved around the following topics:

  1. GPT4Good

  2. Data4Good

Just like the exciting innovation hackathons organized by Hackmakers, this year's event was a big hit! We had an amazing number of participants, with over 1300 people joining from more than 80 different countries forming a whopping 80 teams. Can you believe it? and the teams have now submitted their ideas for how to advance humanity and meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

There are 3 teams total that secured the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in the hackathon. We have also awarded teams with honorable mentions and new teams for their impeccable performance and their solutions.

The Winners

1st Position : Team GPT Squad

Team GPT Squad with members of Brazen Studios for the challenge GPT4Good.

They have created a Google calendar that illustrates the timeline of events required for a victim to understand their rights where Sigma is integrated into the programme. The timeframe is shown, and they are offered the option to upload the PDF of their rape kit. Apex will serve as both our center of excellence and the system's user dashboard. The special victims mentor app's minimal viable product is finally receiving feedback.

2nd Position : Team Nova

Team Nova has won the 2nd position with bronze medals with members as Vincent Brooks | Valentina Disarlo | Helen Tamura-Wicks | Andrew Scarff | Abdul Hannan | Melanie Le Bon participated for the challenge: GPT4Good.

Their response was to permanently reduce food waste. They aid in planning nutritious meals, scheduling deliveries, and allocating surplus food stocks. In order to solve concerns with hunger, responsible consumerism, sustainability, and health, they are assisting in establishing connections between public and private organizations.

3rd Position : Team Verif Aid

Team Verif Aid has won the 3rd position with silver medal along with their members Jose Campo, Inam ul Rehman, Iqra Akhtar, Muhammad Mubashir, Saira Asghar, Muhammad Talha mentored by Muhammad Saad Siddique for the Challenge Data4Good.

Their plan was to combat poverty and ensure that donations were distributed properly to all those in need. They have an app for NGOs where users can filter and search data to see who has received donations from whom and when, as well as how much each recipient has received. You can look up information about each recipient, such as their income and family members, and choose what kind of donation they should receive. This information will be valuable when analyzing upcoming donations.

Honorable Mentions

Please note that the numbering and position in the below list is not a ranking, as the Honorable Mentions are not ranked.

Honorable Mention 1 : Team Blue Drop

Team Blue Drop with its members: Syeda Umme Kulsoom | nabah sheikh | Gabriel Portas Betanzos | Muhammad Asif | Prosper Ukachi | Syed Fasih mentored by: Satishbabu, Yamini Harikrishnan for the challenge: Data4Good have won the Honorable mention prize.

Their goal is to work together to promote those who like eco-friendly products. Larchain is a blockchain-based platform that enables customers to instantly authenticate products at the point of purchase through open reviews and manufacturer confirmation. Through collaborations with supply chain managers and localities, they developed a smartphone app to find shady products.

Honorable Mention 2 : Team Breathe

Team Breathe with its members Dr. Kashmiri Jadhav | Anindya Chakravorty | lysandra lysandra | ruby mathew | Ran A | Carl Osborne mentored by — for the challenge GPT4Good has won the 2nd honorable mention position.

This chatbot offers easily accessible and research-based support to people dealing with mental health challenges. This is a real-time AI chatbot designed with an emotional tracker and logic to identify patterns or changes in behavior and provide advice in line with those trends or changes, all with a user-friendly interface to have a substantial impact on the mental health space.

Newcomers Award

We also have awarded prizes for newcomers into the hackathon. These newcomers have given a significant amount of effort and have provided a good solution for the problem statement.

New Comer Medal Finalist

Team Innovators for Good with their members Mathias Maciel | Victor Mburu | Sameed Siraj | Aymen Noor | Ahmad uzair | Talha Imran participated in the challenge GPT4Good & Data4Good won the Newcomer award.

This application has four features which are Nutri Control advising on values of nutritional elements depending upon gender and age, Nutri Recipe for AI generated healthy food recipes, Nutri communities for connecting all the users and Nutri Expert to connect them to a nutrition expert.

Which were the projects you liked?

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