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#WorldInnovationDay Hack 2021Winner Showcase: Team Swasthya #3​

This is the fourth in a six-part series which will showcase the projects built by the Top 6 teams of the #WorldInnovationDay Hackathon. This was the biggest hackathon by Hackmakers in collaboration with the UN Environmental Programme, dedicated to developing innovative and creative solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN.



Pushkar Mungikar, Negin Valizadegan, Kimberly Wright, Esha Sadia, Poonam Ahuja, Ria Shah, Suneetha Koda, Abdul Hannan, Van Tuan Nguyen

Team Swasthya created a human-to-human community building volunteer based application as a solution for physical and mental health issues, confronting the Health and Well - Being Challenge. The team ranked #3 among all the participants in the hackathon.


Challenge Addressed

Health and Well-Being Challenge - Sustainable Development Goal

The Sustainable Development Goal of Health and Well-Being ensures healthy lives and promotes well being at all ages. The targets cover and focus on various aspects of healthy life and a healthy lifestyle. The SDG 3 aims to achieve universal health coverage, that seeks equitable access of healthcare services to all men and women.


Problem Statement

Covid-19 has affected over 142 million people worldwide and left more than 75% of the population isolated. More than a billion people are elderly and in need of tactical help with basic services.

Mental Health issues such as anxiety and depression have grown. In 2012, the suicide deaths were 200,000 and in 2020, the numbers increased by a million and a half.

While technology can help us by tracking and tracing, and eventually pushing the targeted content to those in need, it won’t be enough to ensure healthy lives and well-being during the constraints of a pandemic



At times of such isolation and loneliness, the one thing that people need above all else is other people. The need for personal contact has increased exponentially over the past year.



The Local Angels App - The application would provide people with the first ever global volunteer based human-to-human community building application.


Featured Highlights

  • Uses Mobile-based apex applications that links the app to Oracle database

  • Service calls to customers via volunteers would be authorized and GPS tracked

  • Cloud - based mobile application

  • Targeting major healthcare systems like that of India which has a significant gap in its supply and demand

  • A business model that seeks to co-exist and assist the healthcare system and networks in countries like India


What does the Application do?

  • The application will connect locally based registered and officially vetted professionals and community members with people in need of help.

  • The volunteers would be notified for new requests for help based on the confirmed skillsets registered

  • Empowers volunteers with target resource content and connects them with people in need via a social media type platform

  • The application acts as a platform by connecting volunteers with target resources, to the individuals in need.

  • People gain incentives through discounts and deal based on co-marketing agreements with support partners


How is Local Angels Different from its Competitors?

Few other applications are available that provide similar services for the healthcare sector. Those that do:

  • Their services are either not available in India

  • Or they tend to be unsuccessful due to their reliance on NGOs and organizations

  • Local Angels is based on the concept of people helping people, thus has the potential to compete in the market


Revenue Streams

To achieve funding and support, Local Angels plan to seek funding as a Not for Profit Organization (NFP), through a combination of

  • Venture capital

  • Government contracts and grants

  • Co- service Partnerships with local government hospitals and community centres to facilitate delivery of the relevant services, ensuring a proper background study could be done before rolling out the product

  • In India, some of the local government bodies that facilitate co-service partnership are, Aavishkar, Startup India, Smile Foundation, etc.


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